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Murana's Nura (sold to Iran)
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(Dubai Pasha - Nirwana Jamaal)

Filly, black, 2010
Breeder: Murana Arabian Stud
Owner: sold to Iran

 Dubai Pasha  BJ Thee Mustafa  Thee Desperado  The Minstril
 AK Amiri Asmarr
 Khalili El Bahar  Raisuli El Pharo
 Amida El Khalili
 Abbas Pasha I-II  Abbas Pasha I  Ansata Abbas Pasha
 2 Ghalion - II
 235 Jamil - 3  Jamil
 28 Farag II
 Nirwana Jamaal  Bay El Jamaal  Ali Jamaal  Ruminaja Ali
 Heritage Memory
 TW Bey Fantasy  Bey Shah
 Bakinka  Pesniar  Nabeg
 Nutria  Topol


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